Tuesday, August 30, 2005

DeWalt DW746X 10' Woodworker's Table Saw with 30' Fence

Really Nice Saw for the Money

I purchased this saw after realizing that a normal contractor's saw would take up too much storage space in my one-car garage/shop. This is a really nice saw for the money and has done everything I've asked it to. It's smooth, quiet and has all the power I need. The fence is easy to set up and has excellent repeatability. Others have criticized the miter, but I don't think it's any better or worse than any other. If extreme accuracy is required a sliding table is a worthwhile addition and much safer anyway.

The only criticisms I have to date are the cast-alloy insert, which is not as flat as it should be, and the sheetmetal wings that seem cheap when compared to the rest of the saw. I installed cast-iron wings which added mass and stability to the saw while giving me a really flat table, and will install a zero-clearance insert before starting my next project.

I would recommend this saw to anyone looking for something between the contractor's saws and the bigger cabinet saws such as the Powermatic 66. It's easily set up, safe (especially with the large switch), and has enough power and accuracy for most projects. Being able to store it easily is a bonus.

DeWalt DW746X 10' Woodworker's Table Saw with 30' Fence

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