Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Toshiba 23HLV84 TheaterWide 23' 16:9 HDTV LCD TV/DVD Combo with HDMI Input

I got this today and am in love. What a great set! The progressive DVD on the side is a nice space saving touch, but this set is awesome for two reasons, picture and aesthetics of the cabinet. I also love the carrying handle in the back. I bought the optional wall bracket, but since we are now considering putting in place of our older 35" 4:3 analog, I haven't mounted it yet, but am using it on the stand little stand that comes with the set. It is completely inoobtrusive, exactly what I had in mind, all about the picture, looks like a piece of art.

I was concerned that after watching an older 35" 4x3 analog set and going to a 23" 16:9 the image would seem tiny to to me, but I realized that the viewing area on the old 35" 4:3 for movies on DVD is not really any larger when you consider the black bars, so I am losing nothing, and gaining in space and image quality.

The set has an HDMI connection, which I have yet to try, as I don't have any components with this capability, but since I plan to get a DVR with this, I wanted to have it. I can say that one of the faults of the 9 year old Hitachi 35" that I had was that it only had one "S" connection, and although that was "State of the Art" at the time, it was quickly not enough to accomodate my needs as I acquired new products like a DVD and home theater.

Anyway, I highly recommend this, I was incredibly impressed with the out of the box performance and the great contrast, and think that this will be a best seller for Toshiba.

Toshiba 23HLV84 TheaterWide 23' 16:9 HDTV LCD TV/DVD Combo with HDMI Input

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