Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top Christmas Gifts for 2012

Are you having trouble coming up wit the perfect Christmas gift this year? I sure am! Here's a list of the top sellers this year.

1. iPhone Virtual Video Glasses 

2. Atari iPad Arcade Console 

3. Air Guitar with Laser Strings 

4. Remee Mind Control Dreaming Mask 

5. Retro iPhone Rotary-style Headset 

6. Fog Ring Blaster 

7. NFL Logo Toasters- creates team logo on the toast 

8. Beer Box Cowboy Hat 

9. iPhone Pinball Magic Console 

10. Polly the Insulting Electronic Parrot

Notable for the 2012 list of top Christmas gifts are the number of Apple related accessories. "Apple related products are clearly the big winners this Christmas season. Said Dickfield. "With the proliferation of the iPhone and iPad there are many creative companies working to launch products compatible with the Apple hardware.

Hope this Helps!

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