Monday, February 28, 2005

Fun Product of the Day!! : Toys : MegaZooka - Green: "MegaZooka features the All-New Trigger Action which allows you to cock your MegaZooka in position while waiting for the air assault to begin. Once you have your target in sight, simply pull on the trigger and watch as a single blast of air travels clear across the room, sometimes even with a time delay. USE IT WITH SEMI-AUTOMATIC PULL POWER ACTION Requiring no batteries or electricity, MegaZooka can operate simply by pulling and releasing the built-in elastic air launcher. And heres the best part: because it shoots air, youll never run out of ammo! MegaZooka features a pop-up site, double handle grips for improved aiming and single shot trigger action or rapid fire. Try your luck at indoor target practice, or take aim at your friends with surprising accuracy!"

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