Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sandra Dee at her liveliest and her most appealing

Rating: 5 Stars - Sandra Dee at her liveliest and her most appealing!There were three films centering on the perky, fun-loving beach bunny, Gidget. This was the first and by far the best!!!!! Pert and pretty Sandra Dee was seventeen and at her liveliest and most appealing when she made this cute little flick. She is absolutely irresistable in the title role, a cute, fun-loving American teenage girl who would rather hit the beach than chase after boys like her other girlfriends. However, when she meets two handsome beachbums, Gidget goes a little boy-crazy herself and experiences first love in the process. This is a warm, charming, and funny movie. I have no doubt that this is the film that made Sandra Dee such a popular star. It's easy to see why she became the idol of so many American girls and boys alike. If you're looking for good, clean and solid fun, then GIDGET is the movie for you!!!!!

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