Wednesday, May 04, 2005

$25.00 FREE GreenZap Is Coming!!

Hello Everyone … Pre-Register for GreenZap NOW!!!

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Send Money - Spend Money - Receive Money - EARN Money

Get on board NOW … I just found this site thanks to
and think everyone would want to hear about it … GreenZap is the new Pay-Pal
and they are willing to pay you $25.00 just for signing up for Free.
I just signed up and found out that you can even get another $5.00 credit for refering friends.

The website doesn’t officially launch until this summer, but you
can pre-register now and earn some great rewards. Plus, if you
open an account now, you’ll get $25.00 from me!

Where PayPal only rewards you $5.00 for the one person you
personally refer, GreenZap will reward you for anyone and
everyone who stems from you.

That means you’ll find an additional $5.00 to $30.00 in your
GreenZap account every single time someone signs up that you
referred, or, they referred, or they referred, or they referred,
or? you get the point.

Be among the VERY FIRST … Sign up Free Now!

Sign up for FREE!!

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