Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Garmin c330 StreetPilot GPS Vehicle Navigator

Undoubtedly the best Car GPS in today's market !
I have used Navman ICN 630, Megallen RM 700 & finally this one.

I can tell you this is the best & most of all easiest. This is why this unit is the best:

1. No downloading of Maps
2. Has most udpated Maps compared to other brands
3. Has 5 million points of interest compared to others
4. Touchscreen
5. Easiest of all to use. Easier than the Acura GPS i have used.
6. Very small but with most usable screen view. It doesn't take a lot of winshield space, doesn;t block visibility. Though screen is small, letters are SO BIG & EASY TO READ.
7. Very fast software
8. Very easy to carry while traveling.
9. Excellent windshield mount. Very stable
10. It comes on when Car is turned on.
11. It has rechargeable battery which lasts for about 3 hrs i think.
12. Loud/clear voice.
13. Very intuitive operating system.
14. Fixes the GPS signal instantly. Navman used to take longer.
15. This is interesting. You can remove the unti without unplugging the car DC cord. DC cord is connected to mount always.

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